Kevin receives the Urban League’s Vernon E. Jordan Jr Legislative Advocacy award

Everyday Riverside County sends out its largest export: PEOPLE.

Our freeways are clogged and family members are stuck in endless congestion. This daily routine takes it’s toll on families. We spend billions to build bigger and better freeways just so that we can repeat the export cycle of workers everyday. I’ve been advocating for a new approach!

Certainly we must continue to make sure our roads can handle our growing population, but what if we put as much attention and effort into attracting good paying businesses & jobs right here in Riverside County!? Our county Economic Development Agency, local cities and communities need to be working together to encourage relocations, expansions and creation of new businesses and jobs right here in our own backyard. We simply cannot afford to build freeways big enough, wide enough or tall enough to handle the future population growth in Riverside County.  Please join with me in advocating for local job creation. Our quality of life depends on it!

Jeffries For Supervisor campaign signs rolled out across the First District in 2016. Be sure to ask for one in 2020 !

Your hard earned tax dollars deserve respect. You worked hard and the tax dollars that you send to your local government should be spent in an efficient, cost effective, transparent and respectful manner.

Frivolous studies, expensive consultants and lobbyists, travel junkets, generous pay increases, expensive new government vehicles and construction cost overruns are just a few of the typical ways your tax dollars are wasted. Taxpayers, families, students and business owners have every right to expect that their tax dollars will be properly used to keep our communities safe and to provide vital services to our neighborhoods. Lets make sure you get the services you already pay for.  All too often elected officials will fund bloated administrative bureaucracies while telling voters that they must vote for increased taxes or be threatened with cuts to essential services. Taxpayers deserve better from their leaders. Lets make sure every dollar is accounted for and spent wisely! I’m proud to be your advocate!

Kevin has refused to accept a pension or pay raises!

Few taxpayers know that Riverside County Supervisors can collect a gold-plated public employee pension just for being elected and re-elected to the Board of Supervisors. These taxpayer guaranteed pensions can reach $99,000 to $139,000 a year – for life!  As most working families must do, your elected county Supervisors should be limited to private retirement benefits funded largely or completely from their own paycheck; taxpayers should not be on the hook for these perks!  Kevin is the ONLY County Supervisor that had REFUSED every pay increase, has declined to accept a taxpayer funded pension, and has rejected accepting stipends (payments) to attend other agency meetings (sometimes in the same building!). Elected officials need to lead by example – not be part of the problem!

Kevin served as Vice Chairman of the State Assembly Transportation Committee

With so many of our fellow residents having to commute to other counties for work, our local freeways consistently turn into parking lots each morning and afternoon.  Kevin Jeffries has already been recognized by local leaders for providing key leadership in seeking and obtaining approvals for critically needed future expansions to Highway 91, Interstate 15 and numerous local road paving projects all across the First District.  Kevin has a long history in seeking accountability and reforms at the state and local level so that our local freeway improvement projects can receive timely approvals from the massive Cal-Trans bureaucracy.

Kevin believes that we must working cooperatively with local community groups and local city leaders to develop and carry out long overdue transportation and infrastructure projects that will help address our current and growing population needs. Jeffries also recognizes that funding for regional and community parks, open space, public safety (police & fire) facilities, flood control, community facilities will all be severely impacted if we fail to develop these improvements as new development occurs in and around our communities.  Kevin’s proven experience as a former elected Recreation & Parks District Director, Riverside County Parks Advisory Commission member, elected water district Director, former State Legislator and Vice Chairman of the State Assembly Transportation Committee makes him uniquely qualified to work with all stakeholders and interest groups.