Kevin with Wildomar councilmembers Bridgette Moore and Marsha Swanson

I’m honored to have the support of the following community leaders, residents & business owners.

(Please note that titles are for identification purposes only).

Mike Hestrin (District Attorney)

Richard Roth (Ret. Maj. General USAF & State Senator, Riverside)

Jeff Stone (State Senator ret., Riverside County)

Ronald Loveridge (retired Mayor, Riverside)

Rusty Bailey (Mayor, Riverside)

Steve Manos (2019 Mayor, Lake Elsinore

Marsha Swanson (2019 Mayor, Wildomar)

Larry Greene (Councilman, Canyon Lake)

Jim Perry (Councilman, Riverside)

Chris MacArthur (Councilman, ret., Riverside)

Andy Melendrez (Councilman, Riverside)

Gabriela Plascencia (Councilwoman, Riverside)

Mike Soubirous (Councilman, ret., Riverside)

Mike Gardner (Councilman, ret., Riverside)

Brian Tisdale (2020 Mayor, Lake Elsinore)

Bob Magee (Councilman, Lake Elsinore)

Ben Benoit (Councilman, Wildomar)

Bridgette Moore (Councilwoman, Wildomar)

Dustin Nigg (2020 Mayor, Wildomar)

Jordan Ehrenkranz (Mayor 2020, Canyon Lake)

Randy Bonner (Councilman, Canyon Lake)

Jeremy Smith (Councilman, Canyon Lake)

David Marquez (Councilman, Moreno Valley)

Lou Monville (retired Trustee, Calif State University)

Virginia Blumenthal Esq. (Trustee, RCCD)

Janet Green (retired Trustee, RCCD)

Patricia Lock-Dawson (Trustee, RUSD)

Gayle Cloud (retired Trustee, RUSD)

Lake Elsinore Councilman Bob Magee and Kevin

Heidi Dodd (Trustee, LEUSD)

Stan Crippen (Trustee, LEUSD)

Kim J Cousins (retired Trustee, LEUSD)

Jon Gray (retired Trustee, LEUSD)

Jeannie Corral (retired Trustee, Riv Co Board of Education)

Dr. David Long (ret. Riv Co Brd of Education, Superintendent)

Jon Christensen (elected County Treasurer)

Al Lopez (Director, WMWD, Temescal Valley)

Phil Williams (Director, EVMWD, Lake Elsinore)

Andy Morris (Director, EVMWD, Wildomar)

Harvey Ryan (Director, EVMWD, Lake Elsinore)

Chuck Bryant (retired Director, EVMWD, Canyon Lake)

James Snyder (retired Director, Parks & Recreation Dist.)

David Marquez (Councilman, Moreno Valley)

Victoria Baca (Councilwoman, Moreno Valley)

Karen Snyder (Chairwomen/Director, EVC District)

Tom Tisdale (retired County Fire Chief, Wildomar)

Elizabeth Sanchez-Monville (appointee, RPU)

Duane & Kelly Roberts (Owners – The Mission Inn, Riverside)

Ofelia Valdez-Yeager (Riverside, Former RUSD Trustee, Educator, Public Servant)

Andy & Cindy Domenigoni (pioneer Ranchers, Riverside County)

Nancy Melendez (Founding President STH Foundation, Riverside)

Donna Niehouse (Restaurant owner, Lake Elsinore)

Brian Hawley (Chairman, software company, Riverside)

Leo Martinez (Business Owner, Lake Elsinore)

Angel Sanchez Sr. (WW-II veteran, Riverside) RIP my friend.

Angel Sanchez Jr. (Riverside)

Dr. Javier Rios (Founder, Javier Rios Medical Clinics)

Julio Figueroa (Riverside)

Richard & Judy LeBlanc (Korean War Veteran)

and, Thankfully my wife of 37 years, Christina Jeffries

(partial listing)