For Immediate Release: December 18, 2012                         
Contact: Jeff Greene 714-624-7139 (cell)
2012: Kevin Jeffries Announces Choice for Riverside County Planning Commissioner
Charissa Leach will bring new experience and insight to the Commission
Riverside: Riverside County Supervisor-Elect Kevin Jeffries today announced his selection of Charissa Leach as the new Planning Commissioner for the 1st Supervisorial District. Charissa has been working in the planning and civil engineering field for almost 25 years, now serving as Executive Vice-President/Principal of Adkan Engineers, in the City of Riverside.
“The Planning Commissioner is likely the most important appointment I have as a Supervisor,” said Jeffries, “and unlike other board and commission members, by county ordinance the term of the planning commissioner expires when the appointing Supervisor leaves office. That made finding a new commissioner who represents my philosophies and point of view an immediate priority for me following my election. Charissa will bring a wealth of experience and insight to the Planning Commission, and I look forward to having her professional expertise not just on the commission, but also to assist me as I work on reforms to the permitting processes in Riverside County, which she has identified as being one of the most difficult in the region.”
“I am honored to have been chosen to represent Kevin Jeffries on the Planning Commission,” said Charissa. “As a long-time resident of the 1st District, and having worked with planning commissions in Riverside and throughout Southern California, I look forward to helping find the balance between requiring development to be of high quality that fits the community, without becoming a burdensome barrier to job creation, business, and home ownership in the county.”
Riverside County Supervisor-Elect Kevin Jeffries will represent the 1st District, including the Cities of Riverside, Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, and Wildomar, and unincorporated communities including Woodcrest, Lake Mathews, Mead Valley, Perris Valley, Temescal Valley, Good Hope, Lakeland Village, La Cresta, and DeLuz
The Board of Supervisors of the County of Riverside, State of California, do ordain as follows:
a. The County Planning Commission shall consist of five members. Each member of the Board of Supervisors shall recommend that a resident of his district be appointed to the Commission; provided, however, the appointments to the Commission shall require the affirmative vote of not less than a majority of the entire membership of the Board.
b. Members of the Commission shall be appointed for a four year term. Notwithstanding the specified term of four years for a member of the Commission, a member shall not remain eligible to remain on the Commission should the member of the Board of Supervisors from the district which the Commission member was appointed ceases to be a member of the Board of Supervisors or if a Commission member moves his residence out of the district from which he was appointed, and in either such situation membership shall automatically terminate upon the appointment by the Board of a new member to fill the remainder of the unexpired term. The term of two Commissioners shall expire on June 30 of the same year and the term of three Commissioners shall expire on June 30, two years thereafter.
c. The Commission shall elect one member as chairman and one as vice chairman, to hold office at the pleasure of the members. Three members shall be a quorum and three affirmative votes shall be required to carry a motion. The Commission shall hold at least one regular meeting per month.
d. The Commission shall perform those planning and zoning duties specified by State law or ordinance, including, but not limited to, the duties related to legislative matters and the duties related to quasi-judicial matters and appeals thereof.
e. Members of the County Planning Commission shall receive such compensation as may be fixed by or pursuant to the salary ordinance. Commission members shall also receive travel expenses for attending Commission meetings, and other authorized travel, as may be fixed by or pursuant to the salary ordinance.