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Jeffries' Annual Fundraiser at the Lake Elsinore Storm's Opening Day

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GRCCPAC endorses Jeffries' re-election campaign for County Supervisor, District 1

Honored to have just received the endorsement from the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (GRCCPAC).   » read more



Supervisor-Elect Jeffries, Supervisor Stone to co-host event at CAC, 8am on January 8th

RiversideSupervisor-Elect Kevin Jeffries and Supervisor Jeff Stone are inviting the public to attend a free reception preceding their joint swearing-in ceremony on January 8th.   » read more
Kevin Jeffries Announces Choice for Riverside County Planning Commissioner


For Immediate Release: December 18, 2012                         
Contact: Jeff Greene 714-624-7139 (cell)
Kevin Jeffries Announces Choice for Riverside County Planning Commissioner
Charissa Leach will bring new experience and insight to the Commission
Riverside: Riverside County Supervisor-Elect Kevin Jeffries today announced his selection of Charissa Leach as the new Planning Commissioner for the 1st Supervisorial District.   » read more


List includes Jeffries veterans, existing Board staff, and private sector experience
Riverside: Supervisor-Elect Kevin Jeffries today released his staff roster, along with brief bios and primary responsibilities in the new 1st District Office.   » read more
Election Update: Jeffries to Fight for Jobs


Clear The Way For Job Creation - New Direction

Our County is billions in debt.   » read more

Election Update #3: Jeffries' Campaign Surge Makes Halloween Scary for Incumbent
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Election Update #2: Crime Victims Groups Support Jeffries


Befuddled Buster Continues False Attacks – Part 2

CRIME VICTIMS GROUPS ENDORSE JEFFRIES!  More good campaign news this week, as two statewide organizations, the Crime Victims Action Alliance and the Citizens for Law and Order, both endorsed Kevin this week, citing his opposition to realignment, among other issues.   » read more
Statewide Crime Victims Organizations Endorse Jeffries

For Immediate Release: October 23, 2012

Contact: Stacy Nicola (951) 371-7155

Election Update: Positive Polls for Jeffries, Buster's Attacks Fall Flat, and Voting Deadlines Approach


Buster's Attacks On Jeffries Fall Flat
Election Deadlines Ahead

NEW POLL SHOWS JEFFRIES IN THE LEAD! Let’s start with some great news—we got the results from some polling that was done, and it showed Kevin Jeffries ahead of the 20 year incumbent by a margin of 41% to 31%.   » read more

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Reforms to Political Slush Funds are Long Overdue! (09/26/2012)
For Immediate Release: September 26, 2012
Contact: Stacy Nicola (951) 371-7155.

Incumbent Supervisor Rapidly Hands Out Taxpayer Funds 
As Election Nears
Jeffries Says Reforms are Long Overdue to Political Slush Funds

(Riverside, CA)  Spending money at a pace that would make a long time Washington, DC politician blush, the 20-year incumbent supervisor in Riverside’s 1st District is suddenly earmarking and doling out taxpayer funds (Community Improvement Designation Funds) like he’s got an election to buy.

“The election is just six weeks away, and during the last four consecutive Board meetings the 1st District Supervisor has suddenly begun writing checks on the taxpayers’ account at a blistering pace,” said Kevin Jeffries.  During the past four consecutive Board of Supervisor meetings (7/31, 8/28, 9/11 & 9/25) the incumbent has spent over $80,000 in taxpayer funds given to private organizations across the First District.

“It’s an abuse of political power. When an elected official can use our hard earned tax dollars as his own political slush fund – it’s clear that reforms are immediately needed including the implementation of a 90 day black-out period before elections of the Board of Supervisors” said Jeffries. “This kind of slush fund, where a Supervisor can just write checks to friends and supporters, has a chilling effect on free speech and a corrupting effect on elections.  During this campaign, I’ve encountered numerous individuals who have been afraid to endorse me out of fear that their non-profits will be punished by not receiving checks from the incumbent.” 

Lake Elsinore City Councilman Bob Magee highlighted the political nature of slush fund spending by the incumbent.  “In some non-election years, when organizations in our community have asked for money from the Supervisor for important local projects and needs, he has refused and not spent the money at all, holding on to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  But now in an election year, it seems like everybody is getting one of his checks, backed by our tax dollars!”

Jeffries commented, “I have volunteered my time with several non-profit organizations over the years, and I know they provide valuable cost-effective services to improve our communities and our quality of life in Riverside County.  But their valuable services should be funded in a manner that is transparent, based on merit, and free of political pressure.” 

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Jeffries has been a resident of Riverside County for 41 years. He has been active in regional, local and non-profit organizations, serving 16 years as a locally elected water district Director, 2 years each as a Recreation & Parks Director and County Parks Advisory commissioner, 5 years as a Riverside County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) member and 29 years as a Riverside County Volunteer Firefighter. Jeffries served on numerous Chamber of Commerce and economic development committees and is currently President and partner of his investment firms. Jeffries is serving his final term in the California State Legislature representing a large portion of both Riverside County and the First Supervisorial District.


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