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Jeffries' Annual Fundraiser at the Lake Elsinore Storm's Opening Day

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GRCCPAC endorses Jeffries' re-election campaign for County Supervisor, District 1

Honored to have just received the endorsement from the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (GRCCPAC).   » read more



Supervisor-Elect Jeffries, Supervisor Stone to co-host event at CAC, 8am on January 8th

RiversideSupervisor-Elect Kevin Jeffries and Supervisor Jeff Stone are inviting the public to attend a free reception preceding their joint swearing-in ceremony on January 8th.   » read more
Kevin Jeffries Announces Choice for Riverside County Planning Commissioner


For Immediate Release: December 18, 2012                         
Contact: Jeff Greene 714-624-7139 (cell)
Kevin Jeffries Announces Choice for Riverside County Planning Commissioner
Charissa Leach will bring new experience and insight to the Commission
Riverside: Riverside County Supervisor-Elect Kevin Jeffries today announced his selection of Charissa Leach as the new Planning Commissioner for the 1st Supervisorial District.   » read more


List includes Jeffries veterans, existing Board staff, and private sector experience
Riverside: Supervisor-Elect Kevin Jeffries today released his staff roster, along with brief bios and primary responsibilities in the new 1st District Office.   » read more
Election Update: Jeffries to Fight for Jobs


Clear The Way For Job Creation - New Direction

Our County is billions in debt.   » read more

Election Update #3: Jeffries' Campaign Surge Makes Halloween Scary for Incumbent
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Election Update #2: Crime Victims Groups Support Jeffries


Befuddled Buster Continues False Attacks – Part 2

CRIME VICTIMS GROUPS ENDORSE JEFFRIES!  More good campaign news this week, as two statewide organizations, the Crime Victims Action Alliance and the Citizens for Law and Order, both endorsed Kevin this week, citing his opposition to realignment, among other issues.   » read more
Statewide Crime Victims Organizations Endorse Jeffries

For Immediate Release: October 23, 2012

Contact: Stacy Nicola (951) 371-7155

Election Update: Positive Polls for Jeffries, Buster's Attacks Fall Flat, and Voting Deadlines Approach


Buster's Attacks On Jeffries Fall Flat
Election Deadlines Ahead

NEW POLL SHOWS JEFFRIES IN THE LEAD! Let’s start with some great news—we got the results from some polling that was done, and it showed Kevin Jeffries ahead of the 20 year incumbent by a margin of 41% to 31%.   » read more

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Ready for New Leadership! (09/12/2012)

Riverside County Ready For New Leadership

Just Over 50 Days To Go!
RIVERSIDE.  In just over 50 days, Riverside County First District voters will have a chance to shake up an entrenched bureaucracy!  For 20 years, Incumbent Bob Buster has had his chance to improve job opportunities and our quality of life in Riverside County. Instead, relations with local community and business leaders are strained or non-existent, private property rights have been violated with his support, convicted felons are being given early release from our county jails, law enforcement patrols have been cut, and average citizens cannot get their phone calls returned from the First District office. 

Here are just a few of the differences between the 20 year incumbent Bob Buster and Kevin Jeffries:

#1.  Bob Buster cast the deciding vote to endorse and support a state plan which has resulted in the early release of thousands of convicted criminals back into our communities (Riverside County Resolution #2011-078).  Kevin Jeffries voted to OPPOSE this misguided soft-on-crime plan.

#2.  Bob Buster cast the deciding vote to endorse and support a state plan to increase your car tax, sales tax and income taxes (Riverside County Resolution #2011-078).   Kevin Jeffries voted to OPPOSE the tax increases, saving families nearly $1,000 a year!

#3.  At a time when County Supervisors were paying lobbyists $730,000 a year with little to show for it, Bob Buster voted to cut frontline sheriff and fire services.  Kevin Jeffries will put public safety first, and cut the taxpayer funded lobbyists.

#4.  Bob Buster claims to be a pension reformer, yet he has amassed the LARGEST County Supervisor pension in the history of Riverside County. If he is elected to a 6th term, his pension could grow even larger!  Kevin Jeffries will NOT accept a taxpayer-backed pension just for being elected to office!

#5.  Under Bob Buster’s leadership, our county is now $1.6 billion in debt and it will take 30 years to pay it back. Buster dismissed our $1.6 billion debt as “not exorbitant” (Press Enterprise 8/8/12).  Kevin is endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and will protect taxpayers!

If you would like to meet Kevin Jeffries and support his campaign – he will be meeting with fellow voters and supporters on the following dates:

      Southwest: Thursday, September 20th, 5:30pm reception (Temecula area)

      Canyon Lake: Wednesday, September 26th, 5:30pm reception

      Riverside: Friday, September 28th, Noon luncheon reception

For more information on these events, contact Lori at (951) 265-0981 or lori@innovativepoliticalsolutions.com.

We are a grassroots campaign, and volunteers have been incredibly valuable to our cause.  If you can walk your neighborhood (or help walk others), help in the headquarters, come to a phone bank, work or make calls from home, or even simply take a yard sign to support the campaign, stop by our campaign headquarters any Saturday from 10am-2pm or e-mail our campaign coordinator at  Kristen@KevinJeffries.com, and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible to see how you can help!

You can also visit the campaign website to learn more about Kevin or to volunteer at www.KevinJeffries.com.  You can also keep up with campaign news and updates by “liking” us at www.facebook.com/JoinKevin or “following” us on Twitter @AsmJeffries.
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