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Jeffries' Annual Fundraiser at the Lake Elsinore Storm's Opening Day

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GRCCPAC endorses Jeffries' re-election campaign for County Supervisor, District 1

Honored to have just received the endorsement from the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (GRCCPAC).   » read more



Supervisor-Elect Jeffries, Supervisor Stone to co-host event at CAC, 8am on January 8th

RiversideSupervisor-Elect Kevin Jeffries and Supervisor Jeff Stone are inviting the public to attend a free reception preceding their joint swearing-in ceremony on January 8th.   » read more
Kevin Jeffries Announces Choice for Riverside County Planning Commissioner


For Immediate Release: December 18, 2012                         
Contact: Jeff Greene 714-624-7139 (cell)
Kevin Jeffries Announces Choice for Riverside County Planning Commissioner
Charissa Leach will bring new experience and insight to the Commission
Riverside: Riverside County Supervisor-Elect Kevin Jeffries today announced his selection of Charissa Leach as the new Planning Commissioner for the 1st Supervisorial District.   » read more


List includes Jeffries veterans, existing Board staff, and private sector experience
Riverside: Supervisor-Elect Kevin Jeffries today released his staff roster, along with brief bios and primary responsibilities in the new 1st District Office.   » read more
Election Update: Jeffries to Fight for Jobs


Clear The Way For Job Creation - New Direction

Our County is billions in debt.   » read more

Election Update #3: Jeffries' Campaign Surge Makes Halloween Scary for Incumbent
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Election Update #2: Crime Victims Groups Support Jeffries


Befuddled Buster Continues False Attacks – Part 2

CRIME VICTIMS GROUPS ENDORSE JEFFRIES!  More good campaign news this week, as two statewide organizations, the Crime Victims Action Alliance and the Citizens for Law and Order, both endorsed Kevin this week, citing his opposition to realignment, among other issues.   » read more
Statewide Crime Victims Organizations Endorse Jeffries

For Immediate Release: October 23, 2012

Contact: Stacy Nicola (951) 371-7155

Election Update: Positive Polls for Jeffries, Buster's Attacks Fall Flat, and Voting Deadlines Approach


Buster's Attacks On Jeffries Fall Flat
Election Deadlines Ahead

NEW POLL SHOWS JEFFRIES IN THE LEAD! Let’s start with some great news—we got the results from some polling that was done, and it showed Kevin Jeffries ahead of the 20 year incumbent by a margin of 41% to 31%.   » read more


2012 Campaign:   JOBS - NOT TAXES!! 

Fighting For Jobs In Riverside County

Other states are cherry-picking businesses and jobs out of California because of our excessive regulations, bureaucratic red-tape and high taxes. Riverside County families are suffering under record high unemployment rates and many of those who do have jobs are forced to travel some of the longest freeway commute times in the nation. Its time to fight for jobs in Riverside County. As our next county supervisor Kevin Jeffries will utilize his own successful business experience to bring a renewed focus on the recruitment of new (and expanding) businesses and job creation in Riverside County. Your next county supervisor must not only develop and maintain close working relations with our business and community leaders, your supervisor must take an active and aggressive leadership role in reducing burdensome regulations and bureaucratic delays that discourage business and job creation in Riverside County.

Protect Taxpayers & Cut The Bureaucracy                                                                                        

Kevin Jeffries is the ONLY candidate endorsed by both The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and The National Tax Limitation Committee PACs. Kevin has a proven record fighting to protect us from tax increases and illegal taxes disguised as fees. As our next county supervisor Kevin will continue to support the voter approved property tax protections contained in Proposition-13. Kevin’s unwavering support for taxpayer rights also includes his leadership in 1996 as a local advocate and spokesman in support of Proposition-218 “The Right to Vote On Taxes Act”.  Working families, homeowners and business owners can be assured that Kevin Jeffries will NOT propose or support any effort to raise your taxes.

After nearly a decade of dramatic increases in spending, our county leaders must now make difficult choices to control spending and prioritize services. Kevin believes that the first and foremost responsibility of government is to provide its citizen with essential public safety services. At a time when the county was spending record levels of taxpayer funds on lobbyists in Washington D.C. and Sacramento, our county had actually started the process to close neighborhood fire stations. All too often elected officials will maintain funding for bloated administrative bureaucracies while telling voters that they must vote for increased taxes or be threatened with cuts to essential public safety services.  Taxpayers deserve better from their leaders.  
Start By Cutting Big Pensions At The Top       
Few taxpayers know that Riverside County Supervisors can collect a gold-plated public employee pension just for being elected and re-elected to the Board of Supervisors. These taxpayer guaranteed pensions can reach $99,000 to $139,000 a year - for life!  As most working families must do, your next county Supervisor should be limited to private retirement benefits funded largely or completely from their own paycheck; taxpayers should not be on the hook for these perks!  Kevin is the ONLY candidate who is not now collecting or planning to collect a taxpayer guaranteed public employee pension.
Year after year many of our current county leaders granted generous benefit increases to thousands of county employees. Now they are locked in protracted negotiations trying to take back what they gave. Your next supervisor must have integrity and credibility when sitting at the negotiating table seeking concessions and reforms. Kevin believes that negotiations should seek to have new employees accept a much less generous pension & benefit program, current employees should pay a larger share, and county Supervisors should not be entitled to lifetime public employee pension benefits. Reform starts at the top!
Transportation & Our Quality of Life In Riverside County     
With so many of our fellow residents having to commute to other counties for work, our local freeways consistently turn into parking lots each morning and afternoon.  Kevin Jeffries has already been recognized by local leaders for providing key leadership in seeking and obtaining approvals for critically needed future expansions to Highway 91 and to Interstate 15.  Kevin has been a leader in seeking accountability and reforms at the state level so that our local freeway improvement projects can receive timely approvals from the massive Cal-Trans bureaucracy.

Kevin believes that your next county supervisor needs to work cooperatively with local community groups and city leaders to develop and carry out badly needed transportation and infrastructure projects that will help address our current and growing population needs. Funding for regional and community parks, open space, public safety (police & fire) facilities, flood control, community facilities will all be severely impacted if we fail to plan and develop these improvements as new development occurs in and around our communities.  Kevin Jeffries’ proven experience as a former elected Recreation & Parks District Director, Riverside County Parks Advisory Commission member, Riverside County Local Agency Formation Commissioner, elected water district Director, Chamber of Commerce Director, and his 29 years of service as a Riverside County Volunteer Firefighter make him uniquely qualified to be our next Riverside County Supervisor.


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