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Thank you to the following 2012 campaign supporters:
Taxpayer, Small Business & Regional Advocates:
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC
Crime Victims Action Alliance (CVAA) 
Citizens for Law and Order (CLO) 
Corona Taxpayers Association
Riverside County Farm Bureau 
California Small Business Association  
National Tax Limitation Committee PAC
Southwest Riv County Assoc of REALTORS
Inland Valleys Association of REALTORS 
Inland Gateway Association of REALTORS 
Inland Empire CA Friends African American Caucus 
Inland Empire Taxpayers Association
Property Owners Assoc. of Riverside County 
Local Business Leaders:
Andy & Cindy Domenigoni - Domenigoni Ranch
John & Janet Gless - Gless Ranch
Tom Malloy - Trench Shoring / Malloy Partners 
Scott & Debbie McIntyre - Sierra Pacific Farms
Dan & Joan Hollingsworth - JoDan Farms
Ben Drake - Drake Enterprises / Citrus Mgmnt.
Jacques Yeager - Yeager Bros. Const.
Joe Tavaglione - Tavaglione Constr.
Bob & Helga Wolf - Wolf Corp.
Henry Coil - Tilden-Coil Constructors
Bernie Truax - Truax Development
Ray & Kelly Magnon
Carl Johnson - Near-Cal Corp.
Chuck Cox
Bob Hemborg - Hemborg Ford
Ken Stream, Esq.
Kenneth Minesinger, Esq.
Thomas Jacobson, Esq.
Paul Cliff, Esq.
John Harper, Esq.
Jack Wyatt - Strategic Connections
William Campbell - Preston & Simons
Peter Dawson - ret. Pro-Marine
Donna Delano - Delano Real Estate
Mike Downs - Downs Energy
Tony Finaldi - STK Architecture
Rick Hoffman - Consulting
Christine Iger - Iger & Associates
Vincenzo Occhipinti - Vincenzos Olive Tree
Steve Rawlings - Rawlings Co.
Barbara Robinson - Banker
Kimberly Ryan - Tulips & Trophies
G.V. Salts - STK Architecture
Stan Smith - SWS Storage
James Stream - CEO, The ARC
Richard Teaman - TR&S Inc.
Bonnie Wann - CEO, RAFE Fed. Credit
Alan Manee - Manee Consulting
Andrea DeLeon - Inland Strategies
Ron Nelthorpe - Riverside Truck
Joel Dingman - West Coast Aire
Barabara Bowers - Realtor
Pala Band of Mission Indians
Associated General Contractors of CA PAC
Ken Crawford - KWC Engineers
Sam Harding - Rightway
Ted Kingston - Lake Elsinore Hotel & Casino
Frank Mercier - Lucas & Mercier Constr.
California Trucking Assoc, CARGO PAC
Hal Woods - Golden office
Paul & Donna Niehouse - Insurance
Gene Wunderlich - Realtor
Stanley Szymczyk - Imperial Medical Mgmnt.
Local Education Leaders:
Virginia Blumenthal - RCC Trustee
Janet Green - RCC Trustee
Kathleen Daley - ret. RCC Trustee
Dr. Samuel Davis - ret. RCC Trustee
Dr. David Long - ret. Riv Co Brd of Ed. Superintendent
Lynne Craig - Riv Co Board of Education Trustee
Joan Sparkman - MSJC Trustee
Paul Diffley - Murrieta USD Trustee
Bob Brown - Temecula Valley USD Trustee
Greg Kraft - Alvord USD Trustee
Carolyn Wilson - Alvord USD Trustee
Gayle Cloud - Riverside USD Trustee
Heidi Dodd - Lake Elsinore USD Trustee
Jeanne Corral - Lake Elsinore USD Trustee
Kim Cousins - ret. Lake Elsinore USD Trustee
Jon Gray - ret. Lake Elsinore USD Trustee
Stan Crippen - ret. LEUSD teacher
Michell Skipworth - Corona Norco USD Trustee
Local City Council Leaders:
Mayor Ron Loveridge - Riverside
Mike Gardner - Riverside Councilman
Steve Adams - Riverside Councilman 
Frank Schvoine - ret. Riverside Councilman
Mayor Ben Benoit - Wildomar
Marsha Swanson - Wildomar Councilwoman
Bridgett Moore - Wildomar Councilwoman
Tim Walker - Wildomar Councilman
Scott Farnam - ret. Wildomar Councilman
Mayor Daryl Busch - Perris
Mayor Doug McAllister - Murrieta
Randon Lane - Murrieta Councilman
Rick Gibbs - Murrieta Councilman
Alan Long - Murrieta Councilman
Bob Magee - Lake Elsinore Councilman
Melissa Melendez - Lake Elsinore Councilwoman
Peter Weber - Lake Elsinore Councilman
Amy Bhutta - ret. Lake Elsinore Councilwoman
Fred (& Donna) Crowe - ret. Lake Elsinore Councilman
Fred Dominguez - ret. Lake Elsinore Councilman
Nancy Horton - Canyon Lake Councilwoman
John Giardinelli - ret. Canyon Lake Councilman
John Zaitz - ret. Canyon Lake Councilman
Stan Skipworth - Corona Councilman
Jason Scott - Corona Councilman
Jeff (& Debra) Miller - ret. Corona Councilman
Herb Higgins - Norco Councilman
William Batey - Moreno Valley Councilman
Darcy Kuenzi - Menifee Councilwoman
Mayor John (& Linda) Denver - Menifee
Larry Smith - Hemet Councilman
Eric McBride - ret. Hemet Councilman
Robin Lowe - ret. Hemet Councilman
Allen Baldwin - Lake Elsinore Treasurer
Jim Silva - ret. Orange County Supervisor
Public Safety Leaders:
Riverside County Deputy District Attorneys Assoc.
Craig Anthony - ret. Fire Chief - Riverside County
Tom Tisdale - ret. Fire Chief - Riverside County
Pete Ramos - ret. CHP Commander
Mary Moreland - ret. OES Director - Riverside County
Keith Metcalfe - ret. Deputy Fire Chief - Riverside County
Ray Russell - ret. Deputy State Fire Marshall
Angel Sanchez - ret. Chairman - Riv.Co. Vol Firefigters Assoc.
Steve Cook - ret. Chairman - Riv.Co. Vol Firefighters Assoc.
Paul Cook - ret. Colonel, USMC
Philip Rizzo - ret. Colonel, USAF
Ralph Swick - ret. Capt. CALFIRE
Mike Smith - Fire Chief, Tribal Fire Dept.
Rick Vogt - Battalion Chief
Special District Elected Leaders:
Karen Snyder -Director Lake Elsinore Cemetary District
Gary Brown - ret. Director Wildomar Cemetery District
Jeff George - ret. Director Elsinore Water District
Dick Staley - ret. Director Elsinore Cemetery District
Phil Paule - Director Eastern MWD
Ben Wicke - Director Elsinore Valley MWD
Andy Morris - Director Elsinore Valley MWD
Harvey Ryan - Director Elsinore Valley MWD
Judy Guglielmana - ret. Director Elsinore Valley MWD
Chris Hyland - ret. Director Elsinore Valley MWD
Danny Martin - Director Rancho California Water District
Bruce Thompson - ret. Director Rubidoux CSD
James Snyder - ret. Director Ortega Trails Park Dist.
Chuck Bryant - ret. Director EVMWD (Canyon Lake Dist)
Community Leaders & Residents
Angel & Jenette Sanchez - Riverside
Paul Sundeen - Riverside
Randy Sawn - Riverside  
Carol Rmero - Riverside 
Barbara Dye - Lakeland Village
Tom & Donna Franson - Lake Elsinore
Ken & Johanna Howard - Lakeland Village
Elliott Hulse - Riverside
Linda Johnson - Canyon Lake
Joe & Linda Kamashier - Canyon Lake
David & Vicki Kasad - Lake Elsinore
Donna Knox
Dorothy Carlson  
Joe Ludwig - Riverside
Joseph Pagan - Riverside
Lewis Powell - Wildomar
Amber Starbuck - Perris
Max & Carolyn Stark - Wildomar
Charlene Stover
Paulie Tehrani - Lake Elsinore
Bennie White - Wildomar
Barbara Alongi - Lake Elsinore
Shirley Beuttas - Canyon Lake
Lionel Bogut
Bonnie Boniti - Canyon Lake
Ruth Conrad - Canyon Lake
William Dombrowski - Lakeland Village
Marian Feely - Lake Elsinore
Bill & Jean Foster - Corona
Ron Armstrong
Sharon Gallina - Lake Elsinore
Shari Harris
Dr. T.M. Tulumello - Riverside
Wendy Villa - Riverside
Ed & Vonnie Tast - Lakeland Village
Sam Paredes - Gun Owners Of California
Bob Richmond
Jim Horn
Ron Gill - Aerospace Engineer 
And most importantly - my wife Christina. Couldnt do this without her support for the past 30 years.
Partial List
Titles for Identification Purposes Only
Please notify us if you find any errors - spelling, title, etc.
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04/14/2016 - Jeffries' Annual Fundraiser at the Lake Elsinore Storm's Opening Day
04/11/2016 - GRCCPAC endorses Jeffries' re-election campaign for County Supervisor, District 1
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   Kevin Jeffries for Riverside County Supervisor

 Welcome to the Kevin Jeffries re-election page for Riverside County Supervisor, District 1.

A personal message from Kevin.                                          May 2016


Since being elected nearly 4 years ago, I have been a strong, independent voice on behalf of taxpayers, residents, and small businesses. Protecting and respecting your hard earned tax dollars often leads me to challenge the status quo and oppose wasteful spending.

          I have personally refused to accept pay increases.

          I have declined a taxpayer funded pension.

          I have rejected stipends to attend other meetings.

          I opposed proposals to raise vehicle and homeowner taxes.

Our government must be more accountable, efficient, and transparent, while improving essential community services.  We have successfully increased public safety services across the county, improved community centers, parks, animal control services, and started paving neighborhood streets again. We must, however, remain focused on helping the private sector create good local jobs, making significant improvements to our local roads and freeways, improving 911 response times, and finding permanent solutions for our homeless camps.

I served 29 years as a volunteer firefighter, raised a family, and built our family business here.  I’m honored to be endorsed by:

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Riverside County Farm Bureau

Riverside County Medical Association

Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce PAC

In closing, please take a look at our list of accomplishments and the issues we are fighting for and consider joining with us to maintain a strong independent voice in the First District office.  I sincerely appreciate your support and vote on June 7th.


Kevin Jeffries

Campaign Email: Kevin@KevinJeffries.com    <For campaign items.   For County government concerns see below.

Highlights of 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016: 
 Voted against all pay raises for Supervisors and other county elected officials.
Pushed to cut spending on lobbyists in Washington DC and Sacramento.
Supported a shake-up at the County Hospital to stop the $1million a week red-ink.
Led efforts for accountibility & training to reduce escalating lawsuit payments.
Fought to require more Board involvement in the County Budget process (lost on a 4-1 vote).
Started paving more neighborhood roads to help emergency vehicles and residents.
Led a multi-agency effort to bring safe drinking water to a poor community.
Created a new road improvement program and fund to help widen Temescal Canyon Road.
Created a Mead Valley Community Revitalization program to help fund future community improvements.
Repealed a County "Solar Tax" in order to encourage more solar use and jobs.
Repealed harsh regulations that prevented high quality Food Trucks in Riverside County.
Fighting for more accountibility in the fees charged to new homeowners & businesses.
Advancing efforts to build a multi-purpose trail from Corona to Lake Elsinore.
Helping Riverside City and UCR with Big-C trail access needs.
Fighting to have proposed warehouses help fund nearby parks & trails.
Opened two new community centers and improving a third community park.
Opposed a new tax and found existing funding to pay for Vector Control services.
Increased Sheriff staffing by over 25% since taking office.
Supported placing eligible county jail inmates in the Fire Handcrew program.
Led efforts to help take-back neighborhoods from organized-crime marijuana growers.
Led the recent creation of a multi-agency Homeless task force.
Pushed to have large development projects post on-site Notices (signs) of future Public Hearings.
Fought to have more government agency meetings broadcast live on-line.
Working to protect families, communities and our quality of life in Riverside County! 
Have a County (non-campaign) issue? Contact Supervisor Kevin Jeffries at:
Riverside Office: 951-955-1010  (not for campaign related matters)
Lake Elsinore Office:  951-471-4500 (not for campaign related matters)
Email:  District1@rcbos.org (not for campaign related matters)
County Web Address:  SupervisorJeffries.Com

A Blast from the Past...  2012 First District Issues (in brief):

Please take a moment to review the "Issues" page. You will quickly see that I’m fighting to....

Create New Jobs in Riverside County. We need to stop chasing businesses and jobs away. Let’s change the culture and practices within county government and actually WELCOME new jobs to our county!  Did you know that some small business owners are forced to wait up to 5 to 7 years to obtain a permit from the county to build and open a business!  We need jobs - not endless delays and fees. 

Oppose Tax Increases. Families and small businesses are struggling to survive. Imposing new taxes will only make matters worse.

Keep Our Communities Safe. Front line public safety services have been cut while generous salaries & benefits continue at the top.   5470 inmates have already been given early release from our local county jails and back into our neighborhoods. (updated 10/30/12)

Protect Our Property Rights & Our Quality Of Life. I’m willing to fight for our communities. Let’s make Riverside County is a great place to live, raise a family, work & retire!  We need a Supervisor who will be engaged and working with everyone to implement common sense solutions

Fight for True Pension Reform.  I will fund my own retirement out of my pocket - not yours!

Fund Transportation & Cut Gridlock. I have successfully led efforts to get projects approved to improve both Hwy 91 and I-15. With badly needed improvements and a new focus on job creation here in Riverside County – we can help reduce gridlock and improve our quality of life!  Lets also improve cooperation and coordination between the county and cities to make sure all residents have safe and accessible roads.

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